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The CougCenter Hour: Vince Grippi reviews the Oregon game, looking ahead to Cal with Rob Hwang

Plus, we have a special treat before our final segment. Though I am playing fast and loose with “treat” in this context.

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My left stroke just went viral / Right stroke put lil' baby in a spiral / Soprano C, we like to keep it on a high note / Its levels to it, you and I know, b—-, be humble / sit down / (Hol' up lil' b——, hol' up lil' b——) / be humble / (Hol' up, b——) / sit down (Sit down, hol' up, lil' b——) / Be humble.

Another year, another win over the Oregon Ducks. That’s mighty nice to say, in my humble opinion.

Welcome to the 10th CougCenter Hour of the season, the earliest we’ve ever been able to talk about bowl eligibility and an eighth-ranked team to boot. It’s a good time to be talkin’ football, y’all.

Vince Grippi from the Spokesman Review joins us for his always great perspective on everything, followed by Rob Hwang of California Golden Blogs for a quick preview of Friday night’s opponent in Berkeley.

Then ... well, we won’t spoil the surprise. After it though, we end with the Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything.

Thanks for listening!