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Examining Mike Leach’s college football playoff plan

Why have four teams... When you can have 64?

NCAA Football: Southern California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Leach is a well known opponent of the four team College Football Playoff system. Two years ago, Leach first pitched the idea of expanding to 64 teams. This week, he’s at it again. But this time, he’s going even more in depth.

As in, ranting about the topic for ten minutes, in depth.

“I’d do 64 teams, but I’d settle for 16,” said Leach earlier this week. What followed that was Leach at his ranting and sarcastic best.

“College football says... They give a really befuddled and mixed up look, they get a really screwy expression on their face, ‘well, how can that possibly be?’” Leach then runs down have every football organization runs their postseason, from youth football to major high school football before settling on college football.

“You can go to Division III, let’s see how do they do it? They do it the exact same way. Now the suspense is really starting to get thick because, you know, Division II might do it differently... No, in fact, they don’t, they do it exactly like Division III does.”

The rant continues from there and touches on just about every topic from “Division 1-AA” football (“in this era of political correctness they love to change initials to make it proper to say things one way instead of another and I forget what the initials is [sic].”), to Huckleberry Finn (“some days I just have to swear to get a good taste in my mouth”) to the Super Bowl.

That sounds good and all, but there are some finer details to work out in Leach’s proposal:

  • The championship game would be the sixteenth game of the season for the champion and runner up, like most high school leagues in big states.
  • Every team would play at least 12 games, including those not in the playoff field.
  • The first round would be pair regional teams on home sites before playing bowl games in the second round.
  • The entire process would be wrapped up by January 1st (or sooner).

Sounds good to me.

It doesn’t look like the playoffs will expand anytime soon, but if they do, hopefully Coach is involved in the process.

But if you’re not interested in hearing about Leach’s playoff plan, the video above is well worth a watch, if only for an anecdote about how Leach can’t find his groceries on Thursday nights because his wife is too busy watching football.


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