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WSU vs. Cal: Game on as scheduled, despite poor air quality

Berkeley officials announce they are proceeding as planned.

Multiple Wildfires Continue To Ravage Through California Wine Country Photo by David McNew/Getty Images

Even as wildfires have ripped through wine country in northern California, leading to lots of polluted air hanging around the Bay Area, Cal has announced that tonight’s game between the Washington State Cougars and California Golden Bears will take place as scheduled.

“After consultation with the Chancellor’s Office, our medical staff, the Pac-12 and Washington State as well as receiving data and forecasts from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District, as of 3:30 p.m. tonight’s Cal-Washington State football remains as scheduled. We will continue to monitor air quality levels through game time,” the announcement said.

The air quality has routinely been above 150 on the Air Quality Index, which is generally considered the threshold for being mildly unsafe. The announcement noted that the AQI hasn’t exceeded the NCAA’s standard for delay or cancellation, which is 200.

With about three hours to go until game time, the AQI is at 167 in Oakland; that number has dropped from its daytime highs each of the past few nights as wind has blown in from the bay. It’s believed the same thing will happen tonight, although it’s still pretty likely to stay in the 100-150 range, which is considered “unhealthy for sensitive groups.”