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WSU vs. Colorado, recapped in a two-minute read

It wasn’t always pretty, but it was a comfortable win. The Cougs bounced back. Sorry about the rain.

Colorado v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

What happened: The Cougar defense clamped down on Colorado to win 28-0. It was homecoming. It was rainy and windy.

How’d it happen: Luke Falk and the offense rattled off a quick 14 points in the second quarter after starting slow. They added a touchdown on the first drive of the second half, then another midway through the fourth. The defense didn’t allow a damn thing.

Who stood out: The defense, of course. Frankie Luvu got after both Colorado quarterbacks all night. Hunter Dale continues to impress. The whole front seven keyed on Phillip Lindsay throughout and made him work for his yardage (98 on 29 carries). The secondary didn’t allow a thing and was all over the place. Colorado finished the night with 178 yards, or less than WSU rushed for.

Desmond Patmon and Tay Martin too. With Tavares Martin out, someone else needed to step up in the secondary. These two did it, and looked real solid.

What’s next: Back on the road to face Arizona. Khalil Tate is terrifying.

Anything else? The offense had to do up-downs while up big in the third quarter again. It worked, though. The Cougars ran for 194 yards. Luke Falk had 41 of those.

Mike Leach called the team “less pathetic” than last week.

And the refs were bad. Real bad.

Be back with more in the morning.