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Cougars can still be the King of the North

So your’e saying there’s a chance?

Colorado v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Cougar Nation was pretty upset over Saturday’s loss to a red-hot Arizona team, but the fans shouldn’t get too down. It is only the second loss of the season and the Pac-12 North is still up for grabs folks. WSU currently sits in third place with a 4-2 conference record. Stanford and UW are both ahead of WSU with one conference loss apiece.

However, the good news is that WSU gets to play Stanford and UW in two of the last three games. Therefore if the Cougs take care of business against the Cardinal at home this Saturday and at subsequent road games against Utah and UW, they will the Pac-12 North. They will hold all the head to head tiebreakers and it won’t matter what Stanford or Washington do in their other games. This would of course lead WSU to the Pac-12 championship and a likely rematch against USC. The Cougars are probably out of the playoff hunt at this point, but the Fiesta Bowl would be a nice consolation prize.

This scenario is of course more unlikely than not, but hey it’s nice to have something to dream on that isn’t totally out of the question.


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