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ALERT: No. 25 WSU vs. No. 21 Stanford to start on Fox Business Channel

TV shenanigans!

NCAA Football: Southern California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

If you haven’t been watching college football today, you are probably unaware that there has been a significant weather delay in the Penn State-Michigan State game. UPDATE: Per Bruce Feldman, the game isn’t set to restart until at least 230pm PDT.

Therefore, per the WSU Athletics Twitter account, the WSU game will begin on the Fox Business Network.

EDIT: If you’re in Eastern Washington, check Big Fox as well, as the game may still air on that network.

If you have DirecTV, Fox Business is channel 359. If you have Dish, it can be found on channel 206. If you watch via some other means, here is a handy website that will enable you to find out where Fox Business can be found on your local provider.

My assumption is that the WSU game will be into the second half by the time Penn State finishes up a probable win in East Lansing, so hopefully those of you watching on television are ready to see lots of ads for AARP and investment in gold. If you’re at the game and decided to record it, well, blame mother nature I guess. Also, bundle up. It looks pretty cold out there.