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If you could create a bowl game for WSU to play in anywhere in the world, where would you pick?

Forget any logistics of actually playing the game, conference tie-ins, anything. Where in the world would you love to go to a bowl game featuring WSU most?

Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2017 Photo by Dean Treml/Red Bull via Getty Images

The doldrums of winter in the Pacific Northwest are here with literal gusto. Howling winds, drenching rain, chilly temperatures ... it all had me dreaming of being anywhere I could wear shorts this week.

It’s still football season though. As I type this, Lane Kiffin is leading his Florida Atlantic Owls against the Akron Zips in something called the Cheribundi Tart Cherry Boca Raton Bowl (which the poor ESPN voiceover had to read enthusiastically). Though the Palm Beaches of the eastern shore of Florida aren’t my cup of tea, the game, combined with a Twitter conversation, got me to thinking:

If you could watch the Cougs play a bowl game anywhere during the postseason, where would it be?

For the purposes of our exercise, forget everything that would make anywhere a logistical impossibility. No football stadium? No problem. No airport nearby? Whatever. Too expensive to get there? That’s a problem for future you and your credit card bill. Can’t think of another conference that would be willing to tie-in to the game? Hey, they’re the ones missing out! You’re only limited to scheduling the game during bowl season so, for this exercise, lets say December 15th to January 5th. Make sure you throw in a sponsor for the bowl too!

For me, it’s got to be somewhere I can enjoy five days or more with a cold beer or strong drink. The Giggling Marlin Cabo San Lucas Bowl has a nice ring to it. The old skier in me would love the Crystal Lounge Whistler Bowl. Heck, lets just combine all my favorite things and go with the Peppermill Casino and Resort Reno/Tahoe Bowl.

So, what say you?