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What one thing about Pullman would you change?

It’s a city that for most WSU grads they remember fondly. But even the most perfect things could use one change to make them even better.


Pullman ... a place near and dear to the hearts of so many Washington State University graduates. It’s a setting for college unlike just about any other in the nation, especially at the Power Five conference level.

It’s a place I, for one, adore. I transformed from a horribly awkward teenager into a still horribly awkward but more functional adult who can pay a utility bill online.

But it was also the place I met my wife, countless close friends, and learned how to chug a beer while sledding down a hill. For those that didn’t go to school there, they don’t get it. And that’s fine! They don’t have to.

Four times last year, we made the pilgrimage back, once just for eight hours to see the Cougs stomp Oregon. We made sure to hit every old favorite spot before the end of the football season, including a somber 45 minute wait at Cougar Country after the Apple Cup, broken up only by my wife’s dead-on guess for how long the food would take. Half the draw was the football, the other half a visit to a time gone by and a city we still call home.

No matter how perfect something is though, there’s always something you want to fix. So if you had the power tomorrow to change one thing about Pullman, what would it be?

For me, it would be more frequent (and, in theory, cheaper) flights to and from Seattle. Traveling into town for football weekends would be easier without a nearly 10 hour round trip drive with less than 36 hours there and you still get free beer and wine on Horizon flights.

Pullman is an almost perfect place. But if there’s one thing you could change, what would it be?