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The CougCenter Hour: Spring game preview with Jacob Thorpe

Plus, a quick look back at what was a less than stellar WSU men’s basketball season.

The CougCenter Hour
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'Cause baby, your Winter is nothing but prison / It drives me away / And maybe, come Summer, then we'll be together / Our time will come again / 'Til then I'll see you in the Spring / Ah, so don't throw it all away / Throw it all away

We’re back! For the first time in at least 75 days, the CougCenter Hour is back to bring you what your ears crave: talkin’ ‘bout football, y’all.

Granted, it is only spring football but football is like pizza: even if it’s bad ... it’s still pizza.

We sit down with Jacob Thorpe of the Spokesman Review to discuss the roughly dozen or so practices WSU has had this spring and where he’s encouraged with the improvement of the team. We’ll spend a little time on basketball from last season and, as always, wrap things up with our Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything.

Thanks for listening!