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WSU teases new football uniforms

Personally, I hope it's space pajamas, part 2...

William Mancebo/Getty Images

Back in 2011, Washington State athletics decided to rebrand almost everything. They clarified exact colors, refined their logos and typography and -- most importantly -- unveiled new-look Nike uniforms for all sports, including the football team. Nike took over the WSU uniform contract in 2009, but didn't fully relaunch their new, rebranded style until 2011. The jerseys were a welcome change from the days of Russel Athletic. The old look wasn't bad per se... But they weren't good...

Also, I lied to you earlier... Some of them were bad. Like the infamous Alex Brink space pajamas.

But now, it seems to be generally agreed that the Cougs get it right with their jerseys and all of their many combinations.

No matter what you think of the current look. It appears that change may be on the horizon.

(Huge thank you to WSU for using the space pajamas in that tweet to represent that last era of Russel jerseys.)

The timing seems about right for the Cougs to make a change. the refreshes seem to happen once every six years or so and, last season, the team was evolving the current look little by little anyway, including the introduction of brand new anthracite helmets against Oregon (seen above).

While the change might be a surprise to some, our super sleuth Brian Anderson was all over the case, before most of us even knew there was a case and offers us a preview of what the new uniforms *might* look like.

Now, there plenty of questions left here. Will this be a full refresh? How different will they be? How much will the replica that I inevitably have to buy cost? Am I overreacting? Luckily, we'll likely know all of these sooner rather than later.

Stay tuned Coug fans, this could get interesting.

Spring Football

Camp is winding down in Pullman and sports radio KJR's resident Coug fan Ian Furness is making sure things go out with a bang.

His show will be live in Pullman starting at 1 PM tomorrow and it sounds like it will be a Coug fan's dream. You can listen on 950 AM in Seattle or online here.

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