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Gabe Marks catches up with Sports Illustrated draft podcast

“I just say what I want to say” - Gabe Marks

Washington State v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Gabe Marks is unforgettable. He captured the hearts and minds of the Cougar faithful with his mesmerizing sideline catches and his unabashed honesty and wit in press conferences. While we’ll never see him put on the Crimson and Grey again, Marks isn’t done talking.

The former Cougar receiver joined Lindsey Schnell on Sports Illustrated’s Draft Season Podcast Thursday to talk about a wide range of subjects. The podcast began by listing some of Marks’ accomplishments and his habit of launching into tangents when he talks to the media.

Schnell asked Marks about his experience at the NFL combine, where talent evaluators are known to ask random questions with no relation to football. Marks said he was mainly quizzed on football, as his skill for creatively answering off-topic questions is well documented.

In fact, his skills at the podium may be more well known than his ones on the field, a notion that Marks pushed back on.

“I do in fact play football,” Marks said. “I’m about doing my job first and if I wasn’t doing my job then we wouldn’t be having this conversation.”

While his football abilities are not to be overlooked, Marks entertained the idea that he was the most interesting man in college football last season. He also wouldn’t rule out stand-up comedy as a secondary career.

Marks and Schnell’s conversation also touched on whether or not athletes should be afraid to speak their minds, his relationship with Mike Leach, and growing up in Venice, California. I’ve embedded the full podcast below to listen to.

Marks is projected to be selected between the fifth and seventh rounds of the 2017 NFL draft. He plans on playing football until he doesn’t want to, or until someone tells him “hey you suck, you’re not good enough to play”



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