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If you could control one do-over or get two with no control in WSU sports history, which do you choose?

One with complete control over the outcome of the moment or two but anything is still possible. Which do you choose?

Washington State v Colorado Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

Time, much like a sumo wrestler rolling down hill, moves in one direction: forward. Without some worm holes and previously undiscovered Borg technology that allows them to head back to the 20th century to destroy Earth, going backwards isn’t an option.

At least, not physically. Just this afternoon, I was thinking of the bygone days of $3 Munchyz hot dogs and it got me on an entirely different topic: what moment in WSU sports time gone by would I change if I could and get to decide on the outcome?

There’s obviously more than one moment I’d want to change in the history of Washington State athletics, though. But it wouldn’t be a good exercise if I could just step into the past and do whatever I want more than once. That’s boring.

So, I came up with a question to pose to you, the reader, because the cashier at Trader Joe’s didn’t have an answer and the CougCenter Hour producers just starred at me and then scratched my hand.

You can either:

  1. Change one moment and have complete control over the outcome
  2. Have do-overs on two moments but no control on the outcome

To clarify on what I’m considering a “moment”, I mean one play, one decision, one shot, what have you. If you want to control the moment Tony Bennett made his decision to leave for Virginia and change that to staying at WSU ... that’s it. No “he stays at WSU, we go to the tourney 3 straight years, sign him to an extension and continue battling for conference championships”. Basically, no “and” in any scenario.

I’ll go with Option 2 and admit to recency bias on both:

  • Gabe Marks’ drop of a touchdown pass against Colorado this past November (he could drop it again but I doubt it)
  • Klay Thompson noticing his head light was out

What say you then? Do you take Option 1 or 2 and then tell us what you’d go back in time to.