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A closer look at Klay Thompson’s new signature shoes

Anta America is showing off their newest shoe and, man, they are... Unique?

NBA: Playoffs-Golden State Warriors at San Antonio Spurs Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Steph Curry caught a lot of criticism when Under Armour unveiled their new signature shoe for the Warriors star. As it turns out, not a lot of people are buying Curry’s kicks. It may be due to the colorful look, the price, or any number of other things. But another shoe company is hoping to get a different result with the... um... Unique shoe for a different Warrior star.

Introducing, the KT2 “Chase.” And, in case you’re just dying to put on a pair of your very own, Anta America has them available now for just $120.

On Tuesday, SB Nation had a full breakdown of the newest addition to the KT2 line. The article includes references to Power Rangers, devil sticks, Metal Gear Solid, and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, so you should probably just go ahead and read that article.

I’m not going to do a breakdown on the shoes, but what I will do is dive deeper. You probably have questions about the signature shoe brand of everyone's favorite former Cougar guard turned NBA champion. So I went to the Anta website and found the answers.

  • What’s with all the gold on the new one?

It’s all about symbolism my friends. It’s not just a color, the gold represents many different things.

While it may be said that there’s glory in the journey, a true warrior knows the chase is meaningless without the prize. Driven toward the golden ring, the chase is the warrior’s path to immortality.

For Klay Thompson, the 2017 post-season journey has been an undefeated path toward the summit. Standing just below the summit, the chase truly begins.

Golden rings and immortality await.

I’ll take 15 pairs of... What were they selling again?

  • Why are there two equally weird looking color schemes?


KT2 Post are available in both “home” and “away” colorways, allowing ballers everywhere to come along for the “final run.”

  • What is Anta?

It’s a shoe company... I think?

We discover ourselves, and our passions, through active experiences that empower our bodies, minds and, ultimately, our souls.

Our customers may have day jobs, but if you ask them who they are, they’ll respond “runner,” “baller,” “adventurer.”

If you actually want to know what Anta is, apparently the “about us” page is not the place to go. As it turns out Anta is a Chinese shoe company that signed Thompson away fro Nike in 2015.

  • Are there any other weird shoes with Klay’s name on it that I can buy?

Absolutely! Want some camo shoes? Here are the KT2 Tributes.

How about some teal shoes with glitter? Introducing the KT2 Bahama.

Always wanted blindingly bright red shoes? I have good news, Klay has a pair: The KT2 Code Red. And remember: “Like Klay, Code Red is for ballers who thrive on big stops as much as big shots.”

You can view all of the Klay Thompson shoes here, including names like “KT2 Make it Rain,” and “KT2 Fadeaway.”

How many pairs of the KT2 Chase did you just buy? Let us know in the comments below.


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