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WSU football adds New Mexico State to 2019, pushes BYU back to 2021, adds home-and-home with San Diego State

Dang ... lots of schedule news on a mid-June day!

Arizona v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

With the news last week that WSU had added a home-and-home with the Houston Cougars to their 2019 and 2020 schedule, the Cougs had filled out their non-conference schedule through that latter year. Nothing more to worry about until 2021 then!

Until, that is, today. For a middle of June day, an awful lot of cool stuff happened schedule wise.

First, we’ll start with the easy one: WSU added the New Mexico State Aggies to the 2019 non-conference schedule this morning, a story first reported by Brett McMurphy. That meant shuffling had to be done though since WSU already had three out of conference opponents in 2019 so somebody had to go.

We got that answer in the afternoon from the school itself and it was a move we all expected: the return trip for BYU was pushed back again, this time to Oct. 23, 2021. The school also added the Portland State Vikings to the 2021 schedule, filling up their OOC needs through that year.

And THEN (see what I mean? Busy day.) the school, in the same release, announced they’d be playing a home-and-home with the San Diego State Aztecs for 2024 and 2025 with WSU making the trip first.

Got all that? There will be a test later, closed book.

The school noted in their release that four of the next five seasons will feature seven home games with 2019 being the exception. That’s pretty cool for season ticket holders!

WSU now has games on the book for every year through 2026 and one in 2029 (the return trip for the Kansas State Wildcats).

WSU Future Non-Conference Schedules

Year Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Pac-12 Home Games Total Home Games
Year Game 1 Game 2 Game 3 Pac-12 Home Games Total Home Games
2019 vs. New Mexico State (8/31) vs. Northern Colorado (9/7) at Houston (9/14) 4 6
2020 at Utah State (9/5) vs. Houston (9/12) vs. Idaho (9/19) 5 7
2021 vs. Utah State (9/4) vs. Portland State (9/11) vs. BYU (10/23) 4 7
2022 Open at Wisconsin (9/10) vs. Colorado State (9/17) 5 --
2023 at Colorado State (9/2) vs. Wisconsin (9/9) Open 4 --
2024 vs. Portland State (8/31) at San Diego State (9/7) Open 5 --
2025 vs. Idaho (8/30) vs. San Diego State (9/6) Open 4 --
2026 Open at Kansas State (9/12) vs. Boise State (9/19) 5 --
2027 Open vs. Kansas (9/11) at Boise State (9/18) 4 --
2028 Open at Kansas (9/9) Open 5 --
2029 Open vs. Kansas State (9/8) Open 4 --