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Klay Thompson owns a trap house

Teammate Draymond Green shares the funny store on Jimmy Kimmel Live

NBA: Golden State Warriors-Championship Celebration Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Klay Thompson: SoCal Native, WSU Cougar, Golden State Warrior, 2x NBA Champion, Trap House owner?

As Klay and the Golden State Warriors celeberate their second NBA Championship in three seasons, everyone from Kevin Durant to Shawn Livingston have been making rounds with the media.

Earlier this week, groin-kicker and power forward Draymond Green appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live and shared some funny information about our savior Klay.

Green admits that after winning Game 5, he crashed on Thompson’s couch that next morning.

“Klay’s got a million people living there,” Green said. “It’s weird.”

“We call it the trap house,” he continued.

According to Green, Klay’s brother and two “homeboys” are currently living with him, and I’m sure plenty more people were celebrating with Klay at the casa de Thompson.

Below embedded is the video of Green’s interview with Mr. Kimmel.

Klay Thompson: Toaster signer and trap house owner. Never change.