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Report: No beer sales at Martin Stadium in 2017

Reported by, the state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board wants more time to look into the issue.

UCLA v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Remember just a few weeks before last season when beer sales in Martin Stadium looked like a sure thing? Then a few weeks later, without beer being sold in Martin Stadium, we found out President Kirk Schulz and athletic director Bill Moos were counting on it to help get athletics out of the red? An entire season went buy with no beer being sold but the hope was in 2017, the taps would be open.

Looks like they’ll have to wait another year. is reporting that beer sales will not happen in Martin Stadium in 2017, per their sources (this does not effect the beer and liquor currently served in the club level). The state’s Liquor and Cannabis Board reportedly wants more time to look into the issue as it would set a precedent for Washington, Central Washington and Eastern Washington to possibly serve in their stadium.

Still though, we’re nearly a year into the process of getting beer served throughout the stadium and the school has made it known they are counting on the money to help with the athletic department’s fiscal solvency. Whether the WSLCB is just dragging their feet or the school isn’t pressing them is up for debate but I’d wager it’s more the former than the latter.

A defeat for those hoping to buy some suds inside the friendly confines of Martin Stadium; a victory for those who still wanted to be able to leave at half time for a quick cocktail at their tailgate.