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Who do you hate losing to the most?

Yes, yes, it would be easy just to say UW. But I’ve got another answer. Time for the Question Of The Day!

Oregon State v UCLA Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

What separates college athletics from the professional ranks is, for me, the rivalries. Sure, there are some intense rivalries in any professional sport (Yankees v. Red Sox, Flyers v. Penguins, Lakers v. Celtics, Patriots v. Anybody in the NFL) but virtually every team in college athletics has somebody they call a rival and, for my money, the clashes between the players and fans tends to be more intense.

When it comes to this topic, the obvious answer is the easy way out. Of course I don’t like it when the Cougs lose to the Huskies. History says it happens much more often than not but it still stings every time it does.

So, in the interest of not typing up a 110 word article and calling it good, I’ll throw another one out there: the UCLA Bruins.

More specifically: Jim Mora, Jr.

God, this guy is just the worst. He makes a big show in front of the media about tearing into an 18-year old, his players, surely feeding off their head coach, are the biggest fake tough guys on the planet, just this past season in Pullman he laid into what I’m sure is a non-scholarship punter for doing what non-scholarship punters, yanno, do. GOTTA BE A BIG MAN AND YELL AT THE 18-YEAR OLD PAYING FOR HIS SCHOOL, RIGHT JIMMY?

Most notably though is something that appeared at the bottom of one of the linked articles: it’s pretty damn clear Mora teaches his players to head hunt. If it’s not him, then it’s someone on his staff and the behavior has been repeated so long, he’s at the very least complicit.

Oh, and Mora was probably offered the UW job and turned it down before Chris Petersen took it. So there’s that too.

Mora is going to live off some middling bowl appearances each and every season seemingly in perpetuity because as long as CHIANTI DAN is running the show in Westwood, he’s probably not going anywhere. This is despite the fact that his school is smack in the middle of some of the richest recruiting ground in the country. So, for a long time to come, the Cougs will get a chance to beat him on a four-out-of-every-six year basis. And I’ll enjoy the hell of out it every time they do and hate it with the fire of a thousand Pasadena summers when they don’t.

So, who do you hate losing to the most (and for the sake of this exercise, lets all try to think of someone else besides UW)? A good runner-up for me: any FCS team.