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QOTD: What’s the loudest or quietest you’ve ever heard Martin Stadium?

This was posed to me on Twitter last night and it got me to thinking!

Washington v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

We’ve had a lot of fun with our questions of the day so far as we lead up to kickoff just over a month from now (!!!) but one I’d never thought of before was posed to me on Twitter last night:

Well, that’s two questions technically. The answer to the first one is: August 1st. And we’re on Google Play, PlayerFM, Stitcher and iTunes now as well as Soundcloud so you’ve got no excuse to not listen.

But what’s the loudest moment I’ve ever heard at a Coug game? My personal answer (assuming the premise is you must have been there) is the Kevin Lopina to Jared Karstetter bomb in the 2008 Apple Cup. Yes, what was admittedly the lone bright, polished spot in that turd of a season but I went to school in some pretty lean years football wise.

That also got me thinking on another topic: what’s the quietest you’ve ever heard Martin Stadium? For me, it was after the most recent Apple Cup and, expanding that to Pullman as a whole, I’ve never seen it more subdued or quiet since I began my freshman year in 2006. The mood was decidedly somber and no one, and I mean no one, wanted to be there for any longer than they had to be.

So, what’s the loudest and quietest you’ve ever personally heard Martin Stadium (or Pullman I suppose)?