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CougCenter Investigates: Is Black the new Anthracite for WSU football uniforms?

If it isn't, it's not far off.

Good afternoon. As you longtime readers are well aware, uniform talk is often a popular subject on the sports interwebs, and our community is no different. One polarizing topic centers around whether WSU should follow suit behind nearly every other team in college football and don black uniforms.

I, for one, am decidedly against it. Reason number one is because it's become incredibly cliché. Reason number two is due to the fact that Washington has worn black so much that it's basically their third school color. I can understand why they're doing that, since purple always has been and always will be a hideous color. WSU has great school colors however, so there is no reason to act like everyone else and wear black alternates.

All that said, does WSU already have black uniforms? The anthracite uniforms of the last few years have had mixed reviews, and it appears the school may have gone even darker for 2017. The evidence? Our Britton Ransford tweeted this the other day.

I'll admit, I still saw dark gray and not black. But let's compare that look to the Oakland Raiders, whose colors are silver and black.

Now, my eyes are north of 40 years old, but those look pretty close to the same. The most compelling argument came when the season tickets showed up at my brother's home, and he sent me the photo at the top of the page. I uploaded it to the author chat on Slack, and more than one person thought Isaac Dotson's jersey is black.

Zane provided additional evidence with the following clip (CAUTION: iffy language if there's a kid near you):

Britton then went full-on computer guy by displaying hex codes, but I have no idea what those are or what they mean. If the jerseys are not black, they're the closest possible thing.

What say you, Cougar fans?