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VIDEO: WSU students lose their dang minds after Cougs come back to beat Boise State

The Cougs came back to win. The fans lost all sense of self-control, and that’s alright.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

When your team is down 31-10 with 10:53 to play, and the opposition just dealt a seeming death blow with a big touchdown, it’s probably okay to lose a little hope. It may even be normal to get up out of your seat, and walk out into the stadium and into a wheat field, never to be seen again.

But some stay, because you never know. Sometimes that 31-10 deficit turns into a 47-44 triple overtime win, and you rush the field because dangit you just saw something amazing and rare.

This is how you react after witnessing that comeback:

I know I was losing my mind watching the comeback. I’m at a hotel in California for work, and at one point hotel staff knocked on the door to inform me that my neighbors had been complaining. I apologized politely, then instead used a series of strange body girations to celebrate the remaining big moments.

How those students reacted? That’s how I felt on the inside. Go Cougs.