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The CougCenter Hour reviews BSU, looks ahead to struggling OSU

Danny Moran of the Oregonian sits down with us to preview a reeling Beavers team. Plus, why field rushing is a-okay but in no way should you ever contribute money to pay a fine.

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Look, I was gonna go easy on you and not to hurt your feelings / But I'm only going to get this one chance / Something's wrong, I can feel it (Six minutes, Slim Shady, you're on) / Just a feeling I've got, like something's about to happen, but I don't know what / If that means, what I think it means, we're in trouble, big trouble / And if he is as bananas as you say, I'm not taking any chances / You were just what the doctor ordered

Well ... things sure changed in a hurry, didn’t they?

Welcome back to another edition of the CougCenter Hour. We’ll look back at a crazy game against the Boise State Broncos that included something I never thought we’d see this year: a struggling Luke Falk.

After that, a look ahead to the Oregon State Beavers with Danny Moran from the Oregonian. He’ll tell us what to expect from a Beavers team that is absolutely reeling at the moment.

Then, why rushing the field is a-okay to us ... but paying a fine for the school, especially when they haven’t received one, isn’t. Plus, our Dunderhead of the Week and Ask Michael Anything.

Thanks for listening! (Cheetos are still chips.)