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Cougars defeat Montana State, a fan base exhales

Montana State v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Well that was certainly a welcome change, wasn’t it? WSU played an opening game that was never in doubt for the first time in what seems like three decades, and as we wake up this morning, we can both celebrate the win and realize this team has a lot of room to improve. So as the players and coaches wake up to a 1-0 record for the first time in their WSU careers, let’s take a look at the good, the bad and the ugly from a cathartic late-night victory.

The Good:

  • As great as #32 was, we’re starting with the defense. Was Montana State’s offense below average-to-somewhat inept? Yes. Was that the most one-dimensional team WSU will face this season? Almost certainly. Does that diminish the goose egg? Not a bit. Holding any team scoreless is pretty dang tough, regardless of skill level. Teams can often luck into at least one score, and the only MSU threat was due to a WSU miscue. The most impressive stat to me was MSU’s 1-11 third down conversion rate. This defense needs to get off the field, and they did Saturday. Very impressive outing.
  • Ok we need to mention James Williams now. Holy smokes, what a player. Trying to leap over a defender is never a good idea, but damn if he didn’t make it look easy. He also made some poor MSU defender look silly along the sideline, caught 39 percent of Falk’s completions, scored twice, and averaged five yards-per-carry when handed the ball. Not bad!
  • What Williams is to the offense, Hercules Mata’afa is to the defense. He was virtually unblockable Saturday, collecting 2.5 tackles-for-loss, including 1.5 sacks.
  • Jalen Thompson has the look of a guy who is going to be an impact player sooner than later.
  • Jamal Morrow looked ok on the ground, averaging 8.9 yards-per-carry. Let’s see if we can’t get that up to 10 against Boise State, Jamal.
  • For one night at least, the Kyle Sweet punting extravaganza worked out pretty well, as he averaged 51.5 yards on two punts.
  • Probably one of the best and most underrated parts of the game: It ended precisely three hours after it began. I don’t know if it’s the shortest game Leach has ever coached in, but it had to be close. It was quite refreshing.

The Bad:

  • Look, I love Luke Falk. I’m elated that WSU has a QB as good as he is. I realize that MSU was sitting in a soft zone and trying to clog passing lanes, but man is it frustrating to watch Falk stand there and look, stand there and look, stand there and look, as I scream at my TV for him to just throw the ball away before he gets killed. If I were a defensive coordinator planning for WSU (and we all know I clearly am not) I would rush three or four guys and clog the passing lanes. It almost looks as if Falk is paralyzed at times when that happens.
  • I know it was the first game, but the young receivers were not all that impressive. They have to get better quickly, because the opposing defenses probably won’t be any worse than Saturday’s. The vets need to step up as well. Isaiah Johnson-Mack has to secure the ball better, and until late in the fourth quarter, I didn’t know if C.J. Dimry was even on the team anymore.
  • I don’t know if Mike Leach was trying to settle some petty score with Jeff Choate, but throwing passes in lieu of taking a knee is the height of stupidity. All you’re doing is risking injury to your players, and for what? I’m all about trying to get guys quality reps, but when you can successfully kill the clock by taking a knee, it’s the only sensible play.
  • On a related note, the last play of the first half reminded me of Bill Barnwell, ESPN NFL writer. He used to write a column called “Thank You for Not Coaching” and there was often one thing that bothered him above all others: “Want a new pet peeve? Join me in hating the meaningless draw play to end the first half, a move that coaches run even though it offers downside without virtually any upside whatsoever.” What did WSU do on the last play of the half? Yep, they ran a meaningless play that had zero chance of yielding points. Again, just take a stinking knee and don’t get anyone hurt.
  • Always funny when a DB, looking at you Mr. Pippins, gets toasted for a would-be touchdown but lucks out when the open receiver can’t haul it in, then gets up and peacocks like he didn’t get beat. Jason David would be proud.

The Ugly:

  • Andre Dillard got rolled up and limped off the field late in the game. Please be ok, Andre. Please.

All in all, not a bad night. Now the competition stiffens a good bit, in the form of Boise State. Let’s see if the Cougs can become 2-0 for the first time under Leach. If the game ends in a tidy three hours, all the better.


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