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Cougar Basketball wins and a Cougar legend heads north

It was a bittersweet Saturday for WSU fans

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NCAA Basketball: California at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

As a kid who grew up a sports fan in the Pacific Northwest during the 1980s and 90s, there were three voices who defined my youth. Now, two of them are gone and I haven’t heard the third in a long time. It’s all at once a serious bummer and a reason to look back and be thankful for what was.

My summers were filled with the voice of Dave Niehaus, who painted Picasso after Picasso through either my dad’s stereo or my own headphones. Once fall came, the two other voices became a huge part of my life. On the radio, it was Bob Robertson calling Cougar football games. Many of you are probably used to seeing the Cougs on TV every week. Back then, seeing the Cougs on TV was a special treat, so it was up to Bob Robertson (and for many years Paul Sorensen) to give me my Cougar football fix.

On the television, Keith Jackson always called the biggest college football game of the week. There are so many of his calls that are burned into my memory. FSU-Miami: “Missed it to the right!” Michigan-Ohio State: “Hellllooooo Heisman.” Colorado-Michigan: “Lets it go. He’s got three people down there...caught! Touchdown!” Texas-USC: “He’s going for the corner, he’s got it!”

That last one, of course, was Keith’s final game. But I still remember the first time he retired, which came after he called the Florida State-Tennessee national title game in 1999. Luckily for all of us, Keith couldn’t stay away, coming back to call mostly west coast games through 2005.

When I was a sophomore at Iowa in 1995, we were 5-0 and Penn State was coming to town. The game was scheduled for 2:30 on ABC. That was cool, but you wouldn’t believe how much more amped the campus got when we found out Keith Jackson was going to be there. Once we heard that, we knew our game was the center of the college football world that week.

So it was for the WSU alumnus. Wherever he went, the game that followed was a big deal. The best part? When they had the coach’s luncheon on the Friday before the game, Keith was the keynote speaker. To poke fun at both the farming tradition in Iowa and Hayden Fry’s country roots, Keith showed up to the luncheon in overalls and a straw hat. We ate it up.

My biggest WSU/Keith Jackson memories stem from the 1998 Rose Bowl and the 2003 Oregon game. The Rose Bowl was a funny juxtaposition of WSU alum calling play-by-play and color man (Bob Greise) being the dad of the opposing quarterback. And goddamnit if Dorian Boose could’ve just wrapped up Griese on Michigan’s last drive, I bet WSU wins the game. 2003 was funny because WSU put an absolute beatdown on Oregon, and Keith was calling the game alongside Oregon grad Dan Fouts. Finally, after the game was well in hand, Fouts piped up that Keith had to be loving it, “You old Coug, you.”

Looking back, it’s hard to ask for anything more if you were a northwest sports fan back then. Well, asking for more wins probably would have been ok, since God knows that neither WSU nor the Mariners were exactly stuffing the win column. But even though the losses came more often than the wins for those two teams, knowing that I got to hear Keith Jackson on fall Saturdays made everything ok.

Keith Jackson

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The Cougs used both a huge second half and a record-setting effort from Robert Franks to beat the brakes off the Cal Bears on Saturday. It looked to be more of the same initially, as WSU turned the ball over five times in the first four minutes. Probably had something to do with the refs or a lack of grit. A lackluster first half saw the Cougs take a 30-25 lead into the locker room.

The second half was quite a different story, as WSU stepped on the gas and left Cal in the dust. The Cougars outscored the Golden Bears 48-28 (!!!) in the last 20 minutes enroute to their first (and what will undoubtedly be the easiest) conference win of the season. The star of the show was Robert Franks, who poured in 34 points. 30 of those points came from long distance, as Franks knocked down a staggering 10 of 13 shots from behind the arc. In case you were wondering, those 10 three-pointers are a school record for a single game.

Drick Bernstine pitched in a solid all-around effort, adding 10 points, nine assists and six rebounds. More importantly, he only turned the ball over once. Malachi Flynn was the team’s second leading scorer with 14 points. He still had more turnovers than assists, which continues to plague him. On the whole, WSU turned the ball over 15 times, which is bad but also an improvement. So let’s chalk this game up to progress! But seriously it’s nice to see this group get a win. Hopefully there are some more in the offing.

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