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All season tickets get modest price bump for 2018

Most seats in the stadium got an increase of roughly six bucks per game.

USC v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

The 2018 Cougar football season is still more than eight months away but we already know what a season’s worth of tickets will set you back. Though no formal announcement was made by the school, for the second straight year, the price on season tickets will be going up, though much more modestly this time.

Last year’s change was very drastic, splitting up sections into more donation levels and bumping the required donation by $250/seat for some people. This year’s seating map looks exactly the same, the only difference being a $35/seat bump for most folks and $45/seat more in the club level. My very back-of-the-napkin math on the increase is about $5-$6.50 more per game for most season ticket holders. The bump comes in the price of the seats themselves, not the donation required to have season tickets. A much more modest increase than the sticker shock some got last year and the tickets remain among college football’s greatest bargains.

Some key dates if you have tickets and are renewing:

  • The deadline to renew your tickets is March 30th
  • Select-a-seat gets underway on April 30th, ends May 11th

If you don’t have season tickets yet and would like to buy some, new season ticket holders can purchase them starting May 21st.