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Klay Thompson set to be College GameDay guest picker (or not?)

ESPN’s Dave Pasch may have accidentally blown the lid off the surprise on Wednesday ... or maybe it was all a ruse.

Oklahoma City Thunder v Golden State Warriors Photo by Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

We’ve all been wondering who the guest picker will be for College GameDay in Pullman this Saturday. We all had our wishes and, earlier this week, producer Lee Fitting indicated it would be someone with strong Washington State ties. I, and many others, had the pipe dream of Klay Thompson, considering his Golden State Warriors play in Salt Lake City the night prior and Denver the following day. It seemed like a considerable roadblock.

Then it wasn’t, as ESPN NBA announcer Dave Pasch seemed to spill the beans on national TV during the Dallas Mavericks/Phoenix Suns broadcast:

Klay Thompson, the greatest basketball player to ever set foot on the campus of Washington State University and one of the best players in the NBA, will be the guest picker for College GameDay!

Orrrrrr ... not?

Perhaps this is just a ruse to try and put the toothpaste back in the tube. Or maybe it really isn’t Klay.

Guess we’ll have to wait until Saturday morning to find out!