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College GameDay set now under construction in Pullman

It looks like it’s being built partially in the RV lot so there will be more room than we were expecting for the massive crowd.

NCAA Football: Alabama at Auburn Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Construction is now underway on the set for College GameDay this Saturday morning in Pullman and we are getting a better idea of where it will be located. The school already indicated it would be at the corner of Stadium Way and Ferdinand’s Lane but it looks like the crew is setting the stage partially into the RV lot.

Just based off that second photo, we can get a pretty decent idea of where the stage is going (if any intrepid students want to get closer and send us a picture, no objection) and it looks like there will actually be more room than we previously thought.

When the school told us what corner they would be on, we assumed it would be in roughly the same spot the Pac-12 set up before the game against the Utah Utes. This is a very, very good move on everyone’s part; the production gets flat ground to work with while also providing quite a bit more room for what’s expected to be an absolutely massive crowd.

Here’s a look at it from an airplane!

You’ll have the entire lawn to fill in, plus all the way back to the stadium office and even back to the parking lot exit to the south of the Molecular Sciences building depending on your angle to the stage.