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Pac-12 fines WSU $25,000 for field rush against Oregon


NCAA Football: Oregon at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Pac-12 has a little rule that says fans aren’t allowed to rush the field, and multiple infractions can incur up to a $25,000 fine, if the conference so chooses. According to Theo Lawson of the Spokesman-Review, it appears the league has exercised that right after Martin Stadium fans stormed the field following the Washington State Cougars’ win over the Oregon Ducks:

We all knew this was a possibility after the game, since WSU had rushed the field last year after beating USC. And I’m sure there’s not a damned one of us that cares one iota about the stupid fine — it’s not our $25,000 being sent to help offset the mortgage payment at Larry Scott’s albatross of a league office.

Then again, I guess it kind of is our $25,000, since our donations to the CAF are part of WSU’s athletic budget.

Whatever. Totally worth it for the memories everyone created that day, never mind the fact that it’s awfully rich for Scott’s minions to be leveling any fines for anything related to administrative issues on campuses.

And for President Schulz: Might I suggest sending a dump truck full of 2.5 million pennies — UNROLLED PENNIES — to Walnut Creek?

(Also, let’s maybe not rush the field anymore. Unless we somehow win an Apple Cup.)