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Early signing day podcast with Cougfan’s Braulio Perez

We take a look at the early signings WSU is expecting for their 2019 class tomorrow.

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The CougCenter Hour

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Sally take my hand / We’ll travel south cross land / Put out the fire / And don’t look past my shoulder / The exodus is here / The happy ones are near / Let’s get together, before we get much older / Teenage wasteland / It’s only teenage wasteland

The day has finally come, kind of: we all obsess over what a bunch of 17-and-18 year old kids are going to do with the next four or five years of their life. And now, it’s one of two and earlier!

Welcome to the CougCenter Hour podcast, as we tuck into the early football recruiting signing day tomorrow. We spend a great half hour chatting with Braulio Perez of to get all the details on the 2019 class, currently ranked seventh in the Pac-12 and 48th in country.

Thanks, as always, for listening!