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Breaking down Gardner Minshew’s Christmas card

Gardner Minshew Twitter - @GardnerMinshew5

By now, you know Gardner Minshew II has been exactly what the Washington State Cougars needed. He stepped in after a terrible offseason and took control of the team with his outgoing personality and his moxie on the field, leading the Cougs to a 10-2 regular season record with a shot at an 11th win.

Now, he and the other quarterbacks are getting into the Christmas spirit:

There’s a lot going on here. Let’s break it down:

  1. Looks like the Cougar quarterbacks got together for some Christmas fun before the Alamo Bowl. That’s always good, since only one of them gets on the field in a position that is often highly competitive.
  2. As expected, Minshew has his signature aviators on. He wears his sunglasses at night (so he can, so he can....).
  3. In case you’re wondering who the guy with the big beard in the pink bunny onesie from ‘A Christmas Story’ is, that’s Drew Hollingshead, an offensive quality control coach. Classic getup, Drew.
  4. John Bledsoe looks so much like his dad.
  5. That’s Anthony Gordon in the green in the upper left. Classic college kid look: long sleeve t-shirt under the short sleeve. I perfected that look in my college days, thank you very much.
  6. Oh hey, I was so busy ID’ing the QBs that I hardly noticed, but that’s Mike Leach they’re holding up! Save this photo because it’s one of the few times we’ve seen Leach smile like that.
  7. It looks like Cammon Cooper is wearing a Pickle Rick sweatshirt. Fans of ‘Rick and Morty’ know what that is.
  8. It appears those are jorts Minshew is wearing. Can’t see his shirt, which only leads to speculation, naturally. Is it profane? Something the NCAA would flag? WE’LL NEVER KNOW!
  9. Connor Neville’s sweatshirt looks like it might be a tad too big. That means we either need to get him on the Abe Lucas diet, or he experienced what it’s like to find an ugly sweater at Ross after all the good ones sell out. Been there, Connor.
  10. Please tell me that ugly sweater is a button-up, Trey Tinsley. If so, you’re the classiest one.

It’s good to see the guys having fun like this. Football and college are supposed to be fun, and it’s been a really fun season.

The Alamo Bowl kicks off in one week!

UPDATE: Look what we have here....

Happy Holidays from the WSU Cougar QB’s!

Posted by Washington State Football on Friday, December 21, 2018