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Three bold predictions for the Alamo Bowl

It’s time.

NCAA Football: Washington at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Alamo Bowl Day, everybody. The Cougs have a chance today to pick up win no. 11, an achievement that has never been reached in WSU’s history. Sure, it’s not the Rose Bowl, but it’s still a great opportunity to end the season in grand fashion at a great bowl game in a great city.

Before I get to the final bold predictions of the season, I need to take a victory lap for finally nailing one on the head. Back on Nov. 23, I predicted this:

Jake Browning will throw an interception on his first possession.

And guess what? Skyler Thomas stepped in front of a Browning pass in the end zone on UW’s first possession, and I got my first correct prediction. I was like Kansas finally winning a football game. I mean, I know it’s Jake Browning so it wasn’t exactly that bold, but still. Let me have this one.

So, let’s move on to today’s game. We have a WSU team snubbed from a higher-tier bowl game going up against the only team in the Big 12 that plays defense, apparently. We saw what good defenses did to WSU this season—hello Cal and UW—so it’s understandable that fans may be worried.

The Iowa State Cyclones also boast Hakeem Butler, who is 6’6 and 225 pounds. Remember how Stanford’s tall receivers gave us fits? Yeah, not looking forward to seeing Butler on the field.

But I keep coming back to this in my head: This is a different WSU football team. This isn’t the team that seemed cautious in the 2016 Holiday Bowl against Minnesota, or the shorthanded team in last year’s Holiday Bowl against Michigan State. This team has Gardner Minshew II behind center, a guy who doesn’t seem to give a you-know-what and plays with a swagger we haven’t seen. Then there’s Peyton Pelluer on defense leading a team that really needed a solid leader after the terrible offseason.

I know there are stats and such that may tell a better, more thorough story. But I just have a good feeling about this one. It’s the eternal optimist in me.

So with that, let’s get to this year’s final bold predictions.

Three Bold Predictions

  1. WSU will commit zero pass interference penalties.
  2. In the final game of his career, Kyle Sweet will haul in his first touchdown reception of the season.
  3. Gardner Minshew will shave his mustache on stage during the trophy presentation.

No. 1 may have made many of you roll your eyes because of the previously mentioned Butler. But these are bold predictions! I really hope no. 2 happens, just because it’d be a cool way for Sweet to cap off his career. As for no. 3, please let it happen!

Go Cougs.