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Beavers Notch First Conference Road Win in Two Years, Destroy Cougs in Pullman 92-67

The biggest Senior Day gift was for the Beavs, as Wazzu decides not to show up for the game.

NCAA Basketball: Oregon State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

The Oregon State Beavers and Washington State Cougars, who had previously locked up the 10th and 11th respective seeds on Thursday, played an ultimately meaningless game today before heading to the Pac-12 tournament in Las Vegas next week. And the Cougs definitely played as if it were meaningless, nearly forcing arena officials to wonder if they still have to pass out free chalupa coupons if the other team scores 100 points on your floor. Thankfully, the Beavers pulled their starters with six minutes left in the game.

This was Oregon State’s first road win in fifteen months and first conference road win in two full years.

Steven Shpreyregin, earning a Senior Day start, knocked down a three to open up WSU scoring. After that shot, things went quickly downhill for the Cougs as OSU scored the next 13 points to get their lead out to double digits within the first six minutes of the game. A stretch in the first half found the Beavers scoring on eleven consecutive possessions to push their lead out to 17 by the ten-minute mark.

Oregon State continued to do whatever they wanted on the offensive end, led by Ethan Thompson ’s 15 points, and went into the locker room up 54-29.

I’m assuming the second half was more of the same. I didn’t watch because Fast and Furious 6 was on FX and my family was upstairs thinking I needed to be alone to recap this game. You seldom get time alone to watch Dom and The Family assist the DSS to take down Owen Shaw on that airplane runway that seemingly went on for ten miles. Letty shows up after missing two movies with amnesia! I don’t think amnesia works like that, but it probably doesn’t matter. I always forget Gal Gadot was in this movie, no matter how many times I see it. And they just threw Brian into prison? Doesn’t that take months of undercover training? Tyrese jumped over a damn tank in this movie!

Anyway, the Beavs humiliated the Cougs at home, ultimately winning the game by a 92-67 score and 186-129 aggregate for the season. Thompson led all scorers with 23 points. OSU had four players score in double-figures. The Cougs had Shpreyregin.

Next up for the Cougs is a Wednesday night game in Las Vegas against whoever ends up being the six-seed. I’m sure you’re all as excited as I am.