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HCA: Mike Leach once tracked a raccoon through a neighborhood

Mike Leach: football coach, raccoon tracker

NCAA Football: Washington State at Washington Jennifer Buchanan-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Leach is a fan of raccoons. He talked about his affinity for the masked creature late last year in an article for the Players Tribune. “At my place in Key West, raccoons will show up sometimes and I’m always happy when they do,” Leach wrote. “I named my pet raccoon after one of my favorite book characters, Bilbo Baggins.”

That was in his childhood days. But Leach has had plenty of interactions with Raccoons since then. In his media availability after WSU’s spring practice Tuesday, the Cougar head coach detailed one particularly interesting one.

Leach was asked about the weirdest animal he’s seen on his famous walk to work. “I tracked a raccoon one time in the snow,” Leach replied. “I was in a neighborhood and I was just curious where this raccoon lived, you know.” Leach followed the tracks in the snow for, what he calls, a half of a mile out of his way into a neighborhood, “just to sort it out.”

As for what else Leach has found on his walks to campus? He mentions a couple of animals, including hawks, owls and foxes, but Leach gives a warning about one in particular. “If you walk up on a quail and they’re under the snow, it will lift up right in front up and will scare the hell out of you.”

Imagine showing up to your work late because you decided to walk a half-mile out of your way because you were curious about where a raccoon lived. I don’t think you or I would get away with it. But Mike Leach can and does, because he is living his best life.


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