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HCA: Washington State wraps up spring football in Pullman

The Crimson & Gray game was Saturday, but Washington State Still had some work to do... Like fixing their snapping problem.

NCAA Football: Washington State at Arizona Casey Sapio-USA TODAY Sports

As we all know, Mike Leach does things a little differently.

While most schools wrap up their spring camp with their spring game. But after Saturday’s Crimson & Gray game in Spokane, the Cougs hit the field for a 15th and final time this spring in Pullman.

Leach uses the post-spring game practice to make final adjustments to any major issues the staff saw in the Crimson & Gray game. This year, Leach said there was nothing major that needed to be fixed as a team, just a lot of little things. “Really just wanted to polish stuff up. The opportunity for guys to watch their technique and what they’re doing and improve on it.”

One problem that caught some spotlight this spring, was the offensive line’s issue with snapping the football. “He’s snapped 13 games worth of snaps and now all the sudden we’re chasing snaps around,” Leach said earlier in spring camp. “So he’s got to get that right and just concentrate.”

The problem was seemingly improved upon as camp rolled on, but that doesn’t mean the Cougs are done learning. Theo Lawson of the Spokesman Review broke down the snapping saga during his profile with center Fred Mauigoa.

“I think it’s just myself, forgetting how I usually snap and where I put my fingers on the ball,” Mauigoa told Lawson in the profile. “It’s all up to me, because last season I didn’t have a single problem and obviously it just came up.”

As for fixing the problem, Mauigoa says he snapped the ball “at least 250” times per day. “Me and Noah (Osur-Myers), we got to take a ball home. I’ve been snapping all over the place. Snapping in the house, snapping outside, snapping in the hallways.”

You can read the full profile on Mauigoa here.

As for the rest of practice number 15, WSU athletics has posted video interviews from Tuesday on their YouTube page. You can watch Mike Leach here, Jahad Woods here, and Dezmon Patmon here.


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