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WSU gets a taste of March Madness

Cougars make the Sweet 16…in a baseball hat bracket

Celebrities Attend The Lakers Game Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images

Some of you may have noticed the internet memes and facebook posts over the last few years showing Leo DiCaprio sporting a baseball hat with a Cougar logo.

It turns out that Leo really loves to collect baseball hats for his public appearances. The took note of this and put together a 64 team bracket of all the hats DiCaprio has worn over the years. Apparently he has sported lids from so many programs that they actually had to cut some teams.

WSU was slotted as 2 seed (highest seed in Cougar history) in the West Region. They defeated what appears to be a Callaway golf cap in the first round and some sort of cat(?) in the round. They fell to the 3rd seeded Red Sox cap that eventually went to the Final Four (I have a feeling that the Bill Simmons Boston bias had something to do with this upset). Ringer writer Andrew Gruttadaro had quite a bit to say about the Cougar’s presence in the tournament.

Not only did Leonard DiCaprio wear a Washington State University hat in 2017, he might’ve also bought Nina Agdal one:

I briefly interviewed college sports expert Rodger Sherman about this oddity. He answered my questions with more questions: “Does he have a passion for Air Raid offenses? Does he like drinking a ton of Fireball in the middle of nowhere? Is he a big Ryan Leaf fan?

He then offered a summation “The gist of Wazzu fandom seems to be devoting yourself fully to destroying your own body even though the team isn’t that great, because you’re in the extremely green and boring hills of Far Eastern Washington.” I suppose Leo finds that relatable.

Sherman also muses whether Leo is the Fireball man or the Popcorn guy.

I guess in the Ernie Kent era we have to take our victories where we can get them.


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