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Mike Leach talks about his flirtation with Tennessee

Also, an offensive lineman is reportedly lost for the season.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Hey, remember last winter when it seemed like Mike Leach was going to be named the next head coach of the Tennessee Volunteers at any moment?

We all know how that ended.

Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports had an article yesterday on coaches who sought other jobs only to return to their current employer, for one reason or another. Mike Leach was one such coach, after he briefly danced with former Tennessee AD John Currie before remaining WSU’s head coach.

Leach, via Dodd:

“I wasn’t in any hurry to leave Washington State. Tennessee was talking crazy numbers. There’s that and the other thing is [that] Washington State won nine games last year. That’s what Tennessee wants to do.”

The last part of that quote might be criticized, and fairly so. I’m guessing Leach meant Tennessee wanted a consistent winner, something Leach and WSU have been the past three seasons, but who knows.

Former Athletic Director Bill Moos is also quoted in that article, saying he’d prefer coaches notify him when they seek other opportunities (Moos wasn’t talking specifically about Leach, and he wasn’t even the AD during Leach’s Tennessee courtship).

The coaching carousel in college football is fun to follow....up until your team’s coach is involved.

Alas, Leach remains at WSU and even got a fat new contract out of the whole thing. All in all, I’d say he made out just fine.

Report: Noah Osur-Myers out for the season

CougFan reported yesterday that offensive lineman Noah Osur-Myers underwent shoulder surgery a couple weeks ago and will miss the 2018 season. CougFan reported the projected recovery to be 6-8 months and that he originally injured the shoulder during Holiday Bowl practices.

Osur-Myers will be a redshirt junior this fall, and it’s way too soon to speculate whether he’ll get that year back due to a medical hardship. The Spokesman-Review projected him as the second team right guard behind Robert Valencia. Osur-Myers has appeared in 14 games in two seasons and has lined up at left guard, right guard and center.

That versatility will be missed, as o-line depth was already a concern heading into next season, so much so that the team didn’t bother to mix and match during the spring game like they do at other positions.

Another basketball player leaves the team

Kwinton Hinson would have been a senior, and we can only hope his “personal reasons” aren’t too serious. James Streeter is a walk-on so Ernie Kent still has a scholarship available, if he wants to use it.

New Redshirt Rule

Chet touched on this yesterday, and SB Nation came up with six ways the new rule might make the game more fun.

Much of this is obviously speculative, but I really think no. 2 is a big one: “It keeps freshmen invested, and it could actually do something to reduce transfers.”

“The small thing about freshmen getting to actually play in a year that would otherwise be a lost one: they get to stay invested both on and off the field. Of course, players are expected to bring their A-game every day and blah blah blah, but human nature is what it is. For 18-year-old players who know they aren’t going to hit the field, some apathy can set in.”

This may seem odd but I totally agree, and I remember Bill Doba telling a story once where, during a practice early in the 2004 season, he asked Gary Rogers—then the third QB behind Josh Swogger and Alex Brink and destined for a redshirt season—if he knew what play one of the QBs checked to during a practice. Doba said Rogers thought for a few seconds before admitting he wasn’t paying attention. That’s when Doba said Rogers was—paraphrasing here—”two sprained ankles away from seeing the field” so he better start paying attention.

So, yeah, keep them invested and maybe it’ll help them and team. Imagine that! A new rule that helps the athletes and the teams!


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