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WSU time machine team - Offensive line

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We spent the last two weeks establishing the backfield on WSU’s time machine team. Last week, 2005 Jerome Harrison joined 1997 Ryan Leaf as the first two players chosen. Now, Leaf and Harrison need some blockers.

This week things will work a little differently. While most of the position groups will be selected individually, offensive line will be selected as a group. Instead of going position-by-position from left tackle to right tackle, we’re picking a single year of offensive line. So you could take the 1988 Cougar offensive line, but you can’t take 1988 Mike Utley and say 2017 Cole Madison.

The other small change this week will be the nomination process. We’ll continue to use the comments and comment recommendations as the nominations, but will add a poll the following week to make the actual selection. You’ll nominate your offensive lines today and pick a winner next week.

Which offensive line makes WSU’s time machine team?

WSU Time Machine Team

QB - 1997 Ryan Leaf

RB - 2005 Jerome Harrison

OL - ?????



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