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WSU time machine team - WR

USC v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

The offense of our WSU time machine team is starting to take shape. We have a quarterback, a running back and last week added an offensive line. Now, we need someone to catch the ball.

WSU has a long history of prolific wide receivers. The record books have been rewritten in recent years, but pure yardage totals might not tell the full story. Maybe you prefer a candidate from the Fab Five. Or one from the Bill Doba era like Jason Hill or Brandon Gibson. Or maybe you think one of the recent record setters is the best in WSU history.

Or maybe you think a different receiver deserves the spot on the time machine team.

This figures to be one of biggest debates of all position groups, so nominate your choice in the comments below and we’ll put it to a poll next week.

We were going to put the offensive line to a poll this week, but there was a consensus in the comments last week, so the 1997 offensive line gets added to the team.

WSU Time Machine Team

QB - 1997 Ryan Leaf

RB - 2005 Jerome Harrison

OL - 1997 Offensive Line

WR - ?