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A quick look at Week 1 College Football betting lines

It’s never too early to think about a great way to lose money.

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Nevada v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

Earlier this week, we talked about the Pac-12 revealing start times for five of WSU’s 2018 games. In another sign that college football is fast approaching, the odds-makers in Vegas have begun placing lines on the opening week slate. Since it’s June, and there isn’t anything else to talk about, let’s take a look at the matchups and initial leans.

Caveat: The Gamble-Tron is still sitting in the shed on the back 40, and has not yet begun to start spitting out losers predictions. These will simply serve as early projections.

Colorado State (+6.5/-110) vs. Colorado (-6.5/-110): I’ve thought CSU would win this the last two years. They didn’t. I won’t get fooled again, unless I do.

Early lean: Colorado

San Diego State (+15/-110) at Stanford (-15/-110): San Diego State is always pretty good. Stanford still doesn’t have a quarterback.

Early Lean: Aztecs

Oregon State (+37.5/-110) at Ohio State (-37.5/-110): Not sure if I’ll be able to swallow this many points come late August, but Ohio State should win this by 45.

Early Lean: Buckeyes

BYU (+15/-110) at Arizona (-15/-110): Seems like a ton of points at first glance. Then you remember how epically awful BYU was last season, and how awesome Khalil Tate is.

Early Lean: Arizona

UTSA (+17/-110) at ASU (-17/-110): Not sure if I’ll pick any Herm Edwards team for the rest of my life.

Early Lean: Roadrunners

UNLV (+27.5/-110) at USC (-27.5/-110): A glance at UNLV’s 2017 season reveals that they may have been one of the worst 5-7 teams in history.

Early Lean: USC

Cincinnati (+16.5/-110) at UCLA (-16.5/-110): UCLA won’t be very good this year, but they’ll be waaaaaay better than the Bearcats.

Early Lean: UCLA

Washington (+3/-105) vs. Auburn (-3/-105): Auburn is even money in some places. That means Vegas really likes the underdog. I do too, mostly because Auburn keeps losing receivers. I also anticipate liking the Under when it’s published.

Early Lean: Washington

North Carolina (+5.5/-110) at Cal (-5.5/-110): Can Cal improve as much this year as they did in 2017? Is UNC really that bad? No and maybe.

Early Lean: Cal

WSU (-3.5/-110) at Wyoming (+3.5/-110): The first line I saw was WSU -8.5. As much as I love the Cougs, I’d have considered betting my children’s 529s on Wyoming. Now, not so much, but I still wouldn’t touch WSU until it got under 3.

Early Lean: Wyoming

Bowling Green (+27.5/-110) at Oregon (-27.5/-110): The Falcons were positively putrid in 2017. The Ducks were decent when Justin Herbert was playing. He’ll be playing in this one, but probably not for long.

Early Lean: Oregon


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