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WSU time machine team - QB

Ryan Leaf

The last few weeks, SB Nation’s Whitney Medworth participated in a thing called the NBA time machine draft. The concept was simple. A fantasy football like draft where you select a specific season of a player’s career. Like 2018 Klay Thompson for example. I learned a long time ago that Whitney is a lot better at creating content than me, so I’m going to use that to my advantage and steal the idea.

Well partly.

Instead of a pure draft, we’re going to take a vote. Every Monday for the next few weeks we’ll discuss a position or position group. In the comments below, you’ll nominate who you think should be in WSU’s starting roster. Then we’ll vote, via the most recs on the initial comment nomination, and decide the WSU time machine team.

Let’s get started at quarterback. Remember, when you nominate a player, you’re not nominating him for his entire WSU career, just a specific season of his career. In the WSU time machine, a player with one great year and three terrible years is a better pick, for that one great year, than a player who was just good for four years.

When it comes to quarterback there are a number of options for WSU. I assume 1997 Ryan Leaf will be a popular choice. But, maybe you prefer 2002 Jason Gesser or 1992 Drew Bledsoe, or 2016 Luke Falk, or any number of choices.

Who makes the WSU time machine team will be up to you, so get to nominating, and recing in the comments.



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