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The CougCenter Hour: It’s a game week show previewing the Wyoming Cowboys

We visit with Rob Gagliardi from to discuss the Cougs first opponent of the year and revisit our interview with volleyball coach Jen Greeny.

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So I’m back up in the game / Running things to keep my swing / Letting all the people know / That I’m back to run the show / ‘Cause what you did, you know, was wrong / And all the nasty things you’ve done / So, baby, listen carefully / While I sing my come-back song / Here it is / (Return of the Mack) hold on / (Return of the Mack) don’t you know


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We are out of the dog days of camp and actually have another team to talk about! It’s not just the players who get sick of not being able to face someone else.

We preview the Wyoming Cowboys, likely to be WSU’s toughest non-conference opponent, with Robert Gagliardi of Plus we revisit our interview of volleyball coach Jen Greeny after the team won 6 of 7 games on their way to a weekend sweep in Raleigh.

Thank you, as always, for listening!