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Cougars defeat USC in game’s final 37 minutes, 84-82

First three minutes don’t count!

NCAA Basketball: Washington at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll be honest, after WSU defeated Cal a couple weeks ago, I figured that would be the last time Ernie Kent’s horribad team registered a win this season. Only took two weeks to prove me wrong. In a mild upset, the Washington State Cougars defeated the USC Trojans, 84-82 on Saturday night. Led by Robert Franks’ 25 points, the Cougs scored 51 points in the second half to send dozens of attending fans home happy.

Hang on, someone is whispering in to my earpiece. What’s that? I’m also required to factor the game’s first three minutes into the final score? Are you sure? You are sure? Welp.

Ok ok, so it turns out the Cougars lost, again, by a score of 93-84. But hey, we need to think about all the positives that came from the game. I mean, the Cougs were within five points at one juncture in the first half! That’s something to build on, right?! Please ignore the fact that USC then scored the next 11 points.

Some credit where it’s due: WSU’s free throw defense was pretty darn good, as the Cougs held USC to just 68% from the line. Compare that to WSU’s 12-12 free throw effort, and you’ll find another silver lining behind the black hole-tinted cloud that is WSU men’s basketball. On the individual front, Isaiah Wade impressed me the most, committing his five allotted fouls in just 14:52. You don’t see that every day!

Finally, while Ernie Kent may be the worst basketball coach in WSU history (which is really saying something), he at least has his geography expertise to fall back on.



That is a “Macho Man” Randy Savage-like elbow from the top rope, and I love John for bringing it. If only my kid had been matched up against Ernie Kent during his Geography Bee.

The Cougars will appear on the court in Tempe next Thursday, where they’ll play one of the precious few not-awful Pac-12 teams. Yippee.


This has to be one of my favorite headlines ever, which is the only reason I’m linking the story. You’ll recall that WSU wasn’t closer than eight points for the entire second half. But yeah, the “comeback” fell short.

Cougar Comeback Falls Short Against Trojans - Washington State University Athletics
Nick Rakocevic scored 25 points and grabbed 13 rebounds and USC never trailed en route to a 93-84 win over Washington State on Saturday night.

USC opens hot, outlasts Washington State to finish line for 93-84 victory | The Spokesman-Review
“I thought we had some great looks,” Kent said. “Forty-one 3s, I’d like to get that every night because I thought about 30 of them were wide open, and probably didn’t shoot it at a good enough clip.”


Pac-12 2019 Pre-Spring Rankings, Depth Chart Projections
James Williams is leaving early to the NFL – the Cougars need running back help. The line should be great with four starters back.

This Week in Parenting

Like most kids (I think?) the boys enjoy watching nature shows. The people who made the Planet Earth II series recently began airing a new series called “Dynasties” and we tuned in for the first episode, which revolved around a pride of lions. At one point, a new male took over the pride, kicked some others out, and went to work having some cubs of his own.

As nature began to take its course, the camera panned left, showing the two lions from the torso forward. In the heat of the, uh, moment, the male lion bit the female’s neck, prompting the 10 year-old to ask, “Is he killing her?” Yes, yes he is.


Best beer I had this week: Among the Belgian Trappist breweries in the region is one called Trappistes Rochefort. The liquor store on base doesn’t get their three offerings, known simply as “6”, “8” and “10” very often, so I make sure to snag some when I can. I had a few bottles of “10” this week, and it was quite good.

The Unbelievable Story of Stephen Foster, Craft Beer Con Man :: Drink :: News :: craft beer :: Paste
If the beer industry ever produces a biopic, it's going to be this guy.


The Secrets of Lyndon Johnson’s Archives, by Robert A. Caro | The New Yorker
Robert A. Caro writes about life on a Presidential paper trail.