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Podcast vs. Everyone: WSU’s 2019 signing day and the best and worst of the Super Bowl

Episode 4 has arrived.

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Bud Light At Patriots Super Bowl Parade Photo by Scott Eisen/Getty Images for Bud Light

Direct from Podcast Vs. Everyone HQ, here’s Episode 4. Your show rundown:

  • Beer: Stouts abound.
  • WSU: Signing day is in the books, so we discuss the newest crop of Washington State Cougars in gloriously vague generalities. Also, Ernie is saying ridiculous things again. Let’s laugh about it!
  • Politics: The NFL tried awfully hard to position itself as a friend of social justice during the Super Bowl. We were not impressed.
  • Pop Culture: Which Super Bowl ads did we like? This takes a bit of a detour into the role of corn syrup in beer ...
  • Parenting: When the young ones don’t get along. :-(

Also, fair warning: We use naughty words from time to time.

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