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HCA: Nationally renowed sports economist coming to WSU + Kyle Smith Links

Andrew Zimbalist to hold a couple lectures in Pullman

Washington v Washington State Photo by William Mancebo/Getty Images

One of the biggest topics when it comes to WSU athletics over the last couple years has been the budget deficit and how to manage it. Those who are hoping to find out more about the current situation should not miss today’s program at noon in Bryan Hall. Athletic Director Pat Chun will join famous sports economist Andrew Zimbalist and Chair of WSU Athletics Council Nancy Swanger for Pizza and Politics: Financing athletics at WSU Who’s paying for it? presented by The Foley Institute. This will be a conversation about the challenges of financing college athletics.

Zimbalist will also host a lecture at 4:30 in CUB auditorium The NCAA money race: Can it be stopped?. This will be a general conversation about financing college sports. Zimbalist will look at if coaching salaries and imbalances between conference television contracts make this a sustainable model.

Professor Zimbalist earned a master’s and doctoral degrees from Harvard. He has also written 28 books on sports economics including a couple on college athletics. He frequently appears on NPR and other media programs to discuss the business of sports.

Both events are free to the public and are generally put onto Youtube as well. The Foley Institute is a non-partisan public policy institute that brings world class speakers to their public events in Pullman.


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