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Hilinski’s Hope launches 3 For 3 campaign

Led by some industrious WSU Sports Management students, burpees have finally been put to good use.

NCAA Football: Boise State at Washington State James Snook-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday — 3/3/19 — the Hilinski’s Hope Foundation launched its latest effort to meet its mission — the 3 For 3 Burpee Challenge.

Similar to the ice bucket challenge of a few years ago, participation is fairly simple:

  1. Explain what you’re doing and why.
  2. Do three burpees.
  3. Challenge three others to do the same.

Here’s Tyler’s brother, Kelly.

And his younger brother, Ryan.

It’s so easy, even I was able to do it!

Same with my kids!

And here’s PJ, doing it Spokane style.

No word on whether Craig and Michael have completed their portion yet.

(Personally, I think the full pushup burpee was overkill. But I might just be saying that because I’m not sure I could do it.)

There are a ton of other people participating, and you can find many of them on the @HilinskisHope Twitter feed. Of course, this isn’t just about making a video to increase awareness; it’s also about raising money for the foundation so that it can fulfill its educational mission. If you’re inclined to give, you can do that at

If you make your own, please post the video in the comments!

Also, I want to acknowledge these incredible students, whose names I don’t know but without whom this would have happened. Awesome job, guys. Go Cougs!