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Hilinski’s Hope Highlight: ‘From the heart’

A message from the foundation.

Through tragedy, the Hilinski family came to South Carolina to start something new
The Hilinskis — Ryan, Kym, and Mark — have a message for you.
Tracy Glantz/The State/TNS via Getty Images

As you surely know by now, we are in the midst of our UNIT3D for Hilinski’s Hope campaign. On Monday, we encouraged you to pick up your T-shirt by reminding you why we’re doing this. Today, we’re going to let you hear from the Hilinskis themselves.

What follows is an update they posted to the Hilinski’s Hope website in July, republished in its entirety. When you’re ready, go get your shirts at

Mark, Tyler, Kym, Ryan, and Kelly Hilinski

Our Fight

Thank you for visiting H3H. It feels like it was yesterday that we had Tyler to talk to, to listen to and to hug and hold. It also feels like a 100 years ago…

Tyler’s life however short, was a miracle to us all. He was kind, good and he truly cared about every person in his life.

In the time since we started Hilinski’s Hope to remember and honor Tyler, we’ve made long strides in our fight to help student-athletes along their journey and support their mental wellness. Our partnership with the NCAA Sports Science Institute, Step UP!, Behind Happy Faces, and with guidance from Dave Smith and team at X-Sector Labs, Prevention Strategies and their research and support, as well as the thousands of family, friends and new relationships we’ve been building, we continue our mission to fulfill our commitment to eradicate the stigma surrounding mental illness and increase the volume of the conversation to put mental health alongside physical and orthopedic health for our student-athletes.

NCAA Best Practices

With the NCAA best practices as our guide, we have embarked on a path to create a new evidence-based program to offer any school that values the mental wellness of their student-athletes. We are humbled and pleased with the progress we’ve made but sadly recognize that how the world views and treats mental wellness won’t change as quickly as we’d like. We are tremendously inspired by those that communicate with us every day sharing that the mission of H3H is critically important and that we are saving lives. We want to thank you for your continued support and love shown for our family and our magical number 3.

To make these programs sustainable we need your support, love and prayers. Know that while humbled by our progress, we will not be satisfied until we reach our goal of establishing H3H as the uniquely qualified provider of resources for our beautiful student athletes that need our collective help. As we travel to each school and have the opportunity to tell Tyler’s story we are purposefully sharing this difficult narrative to bring awareness and change to the mindset of our school administration and staff to invest in the total health of those that do so much for our happiness and enjoyment. Our athletes deserve our love and support as well as the tools to manage the very challenging climate they compete in without the fear of asking for help along with the ability to realize when they need support.

Our Mission

We continue with our mission in the hopes that it will benefit the other “Tyler’s“ that need us to stand up and fight for them befitting their efforts to live and thrive in a complex and challenging and competitive environment. Please help us increase our ability to move quickly and work with the best and brightest researchers and mental health professionals. We wake up each day wishing this was not our challenge but it is and we are dedicated to making Tyler’s all too brief impact on this world as meaningful to you as it was to us. If you have read this far, continue to do 3 good things each day as a sign of support and to not let Tyler’s short life and much too soon passing be in vain. Keep talking, loving and helping each other be the best version of ourselves and help us make the light we’ve lost a little brighter for all of us.

Tyler was worth it. Our student-athletes are worth it.

With much hope, love, and kindness,


Get your UNIT3D for Hilinski’s Hope shirts at

And always remember:

If you feel like you are suffering in silence, tell someone and don’t be afraid to seek out help. It can get better. If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

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