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The CougCenter Hour: Soccer coach Todd Shulenberger joins the show

Plus, our thoughts on the now presumably finished battle for the starting quarterback position.

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The CougCenter Hour

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It’s a damn cold night / Trying to figure out this life / Won’t you take me by the hand / Take me somewhere new / I don’t know who you are / But I, I’m with you

We have a starting quarterback (we think)! It’s not who most of us thought it would be (we think)! We’ll go over the surprising development of Anthony Gordon likely winning the starting job over Gage Gubrud off the top.

After that, another great visit from women’s soccer coach Todd Shulenberger as he goes over the outlook for his No. 15 preseason ranked team as they kick off against the Seattle Redhawks tonight.

Finally, our thoughts on the AP Top, the Dunderhead of the Week and, as always, ending with Ask Michael Anything.

Thank you for listening!