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SB Nation FanPulse Top 25: More Homers Club

How high can WSU rise? And how many voters are patient enough to wait out a lightning storm?

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NCAA Football: Alamo Bowl-Iowa State vs Washington State Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Washington State Cougars are up to No. 20 in the AP and Coaches Polls, and jumped to No. 21 in the SB Nation FanPulse Top 25 this week. That’s up from No. 22 last week. What we are most proud of here is that Wazzu’s faithful brought the homerism that we demanded after Week 1’s games.

Y’all voted your Cougs as No. 13 in the country. That’s some fine homerism, and glad to see we are finally on board. More homers all around. Here’s the overall Top 25:

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Interestingly, UW didn’t take the same tumble outside of the Top 20 it did in the AP and Coaches Polls after its 20-19 loss to Cal. Well, we can only assume some voters didn’t bother to wait until that lightning-delayed game was over before they submitted their votes.

Taking a cursory look at the data, I can see many teams where UW only dropped one or two spots. That means some fans were paying attention and saving their votes until Sunday morning, and more saw the game in delay with UW tied 0-0 with Cal and decided that was good enough to vote and go to bed.

So, if we see the Huskies beat Hawai’i this week, but still drop in this poll, we’ll know why, and we’ll be okay with that. For WSU fans’ part, they dropped UW from No. 9 to No. 21. Glad to see our clan is a patient group. Here’s our WSU-only Top 25:

WSU FanPulse Top 25: Week 2

Ranking Team
Ranking Team
1 Clemson
2 Alabama
3 Georgia
4 Oklahoma
6 Ohio State
7 Notre Dame
8 Florida
9 Auburn
10 Michigan
11 Utah
12 Texas
13 Washington State
14 Texas A&M
15 Penn State
16 Oregon
17 UCF
18 Wisconsin
19 Michigan State
20 Iowa
21 Washington
22 Iowa State
23 Maryland
24 Mississippi State
25 USC

One last thing: As Jeff discussed earlier, we are in a pretty dang good era for Wazzu football. We should enjoy it while the good times are good instead of fretting about why the good times might not be as good. It seems you folks are enjoying it, because according to SB Nation’s Confidence Index, the fanbase is on board.

All the more reason to be a homer. If you want to get in on that homerism action, sign up here.