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Minshew Mania taking over Jacksonville

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images

Gardner Minshew captured the attention of the Cougar faithful last season like few players I can ever remember. Now he has brought the magic or aura (if you will) to the National Football League. Minshew’s performance after relieving Nick Foles on Sunday in the Jags game against the Chiefs has made him one of the most talked about players in the whole league. His flamboyant style definitely won’t hurt in that regard. Here is Ryen Russillo of the Ringer on Sunday seeing Minshew throw two touchdown passes in relief and setting a completion percentage record (88) for a player in his first game with 25 attempts.

Rodger Sherman of The Ringer went deep on Minshew in a nice piece yesterday that exposed the “mustache” to NFL fans. He goes deep on his origin story and explains the mustache and Minshew’s famous “stretching habits”. Here is Sherman on the greatness of Minshew’s debut.

So Minshew’s Week 1 is etched in the league and the Jaguars’ record books. But I still think that sells the ridiculousness of this debut short. If we compare Minshew’s performance with those of other quarterbacks in his position—rookies who did not start for their teams in Week 1, but who were pressed into action—nobody has come close. Since 1999 (which is as far back as we have reliable data on who started individual games), only two QBs who fit this criteria have ever thrown a touchdown: Minshew and Deshaun Watson, a college football national champion and first-round draft pick who entered his rookie season with enormous hype. Only one player in this scenario besides Minshew has thrown for 100 yards: Ken Dorsey, a seventh-round pick who split snaps with Tim Rattay in San Francisco’s 2004 opener.

Minshew wowed the media yesterday in his first press conference as well. Here he is talking about his comm degree which of course the press corps just ate up.

He also talked about the Cougar Nation.

There is already parody account of Minshew ala Andrew Luck. We now get to revel in letters from “Sheriff Minshew”.

Last, but not least there is a great hype video from Jags fan @colefartley2. Enjoy!

Pop Culture

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Mindhunter Season 2: Fantastic Netflix show by David Fincher about the early days of the FBI hunting serial killers starring Jonathan Groff and Holt McElleney. If you liked Zodiac you’ll love this. The second brings the investigators in contact with the Son of Sam and Charles Manson.

Succession Season 2: HBO comedy-drama about a fictional Murdoch type family is the best show on TV. Equal parts hilarious and smart it reminds me of the glory days of Mad Men.

Worth reading:

Raised in Captivity by Chuck Klosterman: New collection of fictional short stories from one of America’s best thinkers. Nice little twisty stories filtered through Klosterman’s unique worldview.


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