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WSU vs Oregon State: A very busy weekend

Klay, soccer news, a new good luck football coach, oh my!

Chicago Bulls v Golden State Warriors Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images

Hi Cougs! Man, with all the excitement this week I almost forgot there’s still sports to be played. As I’m sure you’re aware, a few things have been happening. But, in case you aren’t, allow me to briefly recap.

BASKETBALL UPSET OREGON! Let’s do the same to Oregon State tomorrow, shall we?!

In football news, we’re at the beginning of Rolo-Era, led by our new fearless leader Nick Rolovich.

For soccer, Morgan Weaver is heading to Portland to play for the Thorns- and I know this might upset some of you, but I am very vocally from Portland, which means I am just tickled pink. I know Portland will embrace her and make her feel at home. Go Thorns!!!!! Sorry not sorry! Hot takes only!

Averie Collins was drafted to the Washington Spirit! I am equally thrilled for her. We are a soccer school, confirmed.

And finally, more basketball- Klay Thompson is coming home and bringing one Mr. Steph Curry. On top of playing Oregon State!

To bridge the worlds between football and basketball, a new rivalry is brewing between your Cougs and the Beavs. While both schools have a lot in common- having State, the nickname, and continually being both the most overlooked and consistently underdogs, it’s still a little exciting to fight.

Tomorrow is a big day! It’s very special for Klay to be joining the only other retired jersey- Steve Puidokas, who, when he graduated, held the school record of all-time scorer with almost 1,900 points and almost 1,000 rebounds. He was inducted into the Pac-12 Conference Men’s Basketball Hall of Honor in 2012. I can think of no better company for Klay’s jersey to keep.

But, we also have a game to talk about!

Oregon State is bringing a 12-5 record to the table, having just lost to University of Washington, and unfortunately their team is very tall.

A few players to be aware of:

Tres Tinkle, senior forward. Obviously his last name is funny, so I don’t really need to make any comments about it. He has 19.9 points, and he leads the team in rebounds, so while I feel bad about whatever mocking he endured in middle school, I don’t feel that bad.

Kylor Kelley, also a senior forward, is 7’ tall and leads the team in blocks, which makes a lot of sense. He can’t shoot 3s well, which must be the price one pays to be strong in other areas.

Ethan Thompson, however, can shoot some 3s. He is a junior guard, and makes about half the field goal shots he attempts. Don’t love that.

To me, it seems that Oregon State has a lot of team players. But they don’t have an alum on the Warriors, now do they?

As a side note, I have always loved Klay Thompson. Klay started at WSU in 2008-09, and I was 11 at the time. My family decided to get a Wii, if you remember those, and I made him a little character, or a “Mii”, as they were referred to. I am not embarrassed by this fact, I embrace it. I made one for all my favorite players, including Aron Baynes. 11 year old Emma had her priorities straight.

His dad, Mychel Thompson, played for the Portland Trail Blazers- and as I’ve mentioned, I’m also a big PDX sports fan. So when we got Klay, to me, it felt like fate. If Klay is reading this, I am free on Thursday and would love to play Wii. You already have a profile waiting. Just saying.

Anyway- wow. What a time. 2020 is off to an eventful start, I’d say.

To quote Steph Curry, Go Cougs!!!


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