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Details on Nick Rolovich’s contract with Washington State released

This includes a substantial buyout for any team that wants to hire Rolovich away in the early portion of the deal

SoFi Hawai’i Bowl - Hawaii v BYU Photo by Darryl Oumi/Getty Images

We knew Nick Rolovich would be getting a substantial raise after leaving Honolulu for Pullman but some of the finer details of his deal have now been released. Steve Berkowitz of USA Today Sports revealed some critical parts of the deal on Twitter yesterday:

The first thing to note: although Rolovich’s salary is quintupling, this is a very Washington State University friendly deal, something we never saw with Bill Moos in charge of the athletic department. Of note, the buyout for Rolovich in the first couple of years is substantial; it doesn’t even reduce to what the school received from the Mississippi State Bulldogs for Mike Leach’s services until the fourth season.

The other big win for Wazzu is the buyout terms. That base salary and media payment split is important; Washington State would essentially only be responsible for $1.2 million dollars for each season remaining on Rolovich’s contract should the parties unfortunately have a less than amicable split. Keep in mind: Washington State will be paying Ernie Kent $1.4 million for another three years. This contract is also not Moos’ standard roll over deal so, assuming Rolovich is successful, we’ll likely see a raise and extension of these terms after the second or third year.

CougCenter has requested a copy of Rolovich’s contract from the university; we’ll post it once we receive it.